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ASTM D3103 Standard Test Method for Thermal Insulation Performance of Distribution Packages

The scope of ASTM D3103 covers the determination of the thermal insulation quality of a package and the thermal stability of its contents when exposed to variable ambient temperature conditions. ASTM D3103 testing is suitable for testing packages with various internal energy sources with or without product payloads.

The ASTM D3103 package test standard is intended for use for evaluating the performance of thermal insulated packaging used for high value, high-risk materials. This package test method may also be used for any product that requires accurate internal package temperature readings while being exposed to a range of external air temperatures.

Certain items, such as biological materials, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and blood products, must be shipped inside temperature-controlled packages. Factors affecting the rate of heat transfer of the package include the insulation of the exterior package, the energy source, and the product payload.

Because of the variety of factors affecting the performance of a thermally insulated package, ASTM D3101 testing should be conducted with the actual package whenever possible. When simulated packages are used, special care must be exercised so that the simulated payload and coolant will be as close as possible to the actual packages in temperature and other relevant physical properties.

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