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ISO 16750-2 Road Vehicle Compliance Testing for Electrical Equipment – Electrical Loads

As an ISO-17025 accredited environmental test lab, Keystone realizes the importance of ISO 16750 compliance testing.

We have a reputation for helping customers achieve their environmental product certifications. Keystone provides the peace of mind that all of your needs will be met.

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Summary of ISO 16750 Compliance Testing

ISO 16750-2 testing applies to electric and electronic systems/components for road vehicles. This part of ISO 16750 describes the potential environmental stresses and specifies tests and requirements recommended for the specific mounting location on/in the road vehicle.

Specifically, ISO 16750-2 describes the electrical loads. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is not covered by this part of ISO 16750.

Electrical loads are independent from the mounting location. However, they can vary due to the electrical resistance in the vehicle wiring harness and connection system.

ISO 16750 Test Procedures

If not otherwise specified, the following tolerances apply.

  • Frequency and time: 5%
  • Voltages: 0.2 V
  • Resistance: 10%

Additional tests are defined as follows.

D.C Supply Voltage – This test verifies the equipment functionality at a minimum and maximum supply voltage.

Overvoltage – Overvoltage testing simulates the condition where the generator regulator fails so that the output voltage of the generator rises above normal values.

Superimposed Alternating Voltage – This test simulates a residual a.c. on the d.c. supply.

Slow Change in Supply Voltage – This test simulates a gradual discharge and recharge of the battery.

Discontinuities in Supply Voltage – The discontinuities test shows the effects of when a conventional fuse element melts in another circuit.

Reversed Voltage – This test checks the resistance of a device against the connection of a reversed battery in case of using an auxiliary starting device.

Ground Reference and Supply Offset –  This test verifies the reliable operation of a component if two or more power supply paths exist.

Open Circuit Test – The single line interruption test simulates an open contact condition. The multiple line interruption ensures functional status when a unit is subjected to a rapid multiple line interruption.

Short Circuit Protection – These tests simulate short circuits to the inputs and outputs of a device.

Withstand Voltage – The withstand voltage test ensures the dielectric withstand voltage capability of circuits with galvanic isolation.

Insulation Resistance – This test ensures a minimum value of ohmic resistance required to avoid current. The current is found between galvanically isolated circuits and conductive parts of the unit under testing.

Electromagnetic Compatibility – Performance measurements based on these specifications are not included in ISO 16750.

Expert ISO 16750 Testing of Electrical Road Equipment

Keystone Compliance is proficient in testing to ISO 16750-2. With full EMC and environmental test capabilities, multiple test chambers, and shakers, we have the knowledge and capacity to complete the testing quickly and efficiently.

Keystone Compliance’s customers have helped the company be recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. Please contact us to learn how we can assist you with your ISO 16750-2 testing needs.

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