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humidity-testing-package-istaEN 60068-2-1 Environmental Testing: Cold Testing

EN 60068-2-1 testing details cold tests applicable to both non heat-dissipating and heat-dissipating specimens. As a certified environmental lab, we realize the importance of environmental cold testing. Meeting the EN 60068-2-1 compliance testing requirements can be difficult.

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Summary EN 60068-2-1 Regulatory Compliance Testing

The goal of EN 60068-2-1 cold standard lab testing is to determine the ability of components, equipment or other articles to be used, transported or stored at low temperature.

ENV cold tests can be subdivided into two different categories. Cold tests for non heat-dissipating specimens, and cold tests for heat-dissipating specimens. 

Non heat-dissipating specimens: the specimen is introduced into the test chamber. In this chamber, the temperature is reduced gradually so as to cause no detrimental effects on the test specimen due to temperature change.

Heat-dissipating specimens: This procedure is described as low air velocity circulation. This allows localized hot spots to develop within the specimen similar to those that would appear in installed applications.

Environmental cold tests covered by this standard do not enable the ability of specimens to withstand or operate during the temperature variations to be assessed. In this case, it would be necessary to use IEC 60068-2-14.

Expert EN 60068-2-1 Compliance Lab Testing Services

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Further information for general guidance in 60068-1.