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CISPR 16 EMC Testing

CISPR 16 Radiated Immunity and Radio Disturbance EMC Compliance Testing

CISPR 16 specifies conducted disturbances in frequency ranges of 9 kHz to 18 GHz. As a leader in electromagnetic compatibility, EMC, regulatory compliance testing, Keystone Compliance assists electronic equipment manufacturers with EMC testing. Meeting the IEC, EN, and other EMC testing requirements can be challenging. Not only do we understand the challenges, but we help guide companies through the process.

We have a reputation for helping customers achieve their EMC product certifications. Keystone Compliance’s accurate test reports are delivered quickly using our “four-eyes” approach. Meaning that multiple engineers and technicians review each report, ensuring that all the information required is present. From concept through compliance, Keystone meets all of our customers’ needs under one roof.

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Summary of CISPR 16 Conducted Disturbance Immunity Test

CISPR 16 is specifically designed to specify the methods of measurement of conducted disturbance phenomena. These range in the frequency of 9 kHz to 30 MHz.

CISPR 14, Electromagnetic Compatibility, testing of household appliances is often referenced through the CISPR 16 document. Keystone recommends following the link to learn more about the CISPR requirements.

For this test, definitions such as ancillary equipment, auxiliary equipment, EUT, and more have been defined below.

Ancillary equipment – Transducers connected to a measuring receiver or signal generator and used in the disturbance of signal transfer between the equipment under test (EUT) and the measuring or test equipment.

Auxiliary Equipment – Peripheral equipment which is part of the system under test.

Coaxial Cable – Cable containing one or more coaxial lines, typically used for a matched connection of associated equipment. This provides a specified characteristic impedance and a specified maximum cable transfer impedance.

EUT – Equipment subjected to EMC compliance tests.

CISPR 16 (1)

Scope of CISPR 16 Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC Testing

For physical and psychophysical reasons, there is a distinction between the three different types of disturbances. These are dependent on the spectral distribution, measuring receiver bandwidth, the duration, rate of occurrence, and degree of annoyance during the assessment and measurement of radio disturbance.

Narrowband Continuous Disturbance – Disturbance on discrete frequencies. An example includes the fundamentals and harmonics generated with the intentional application of RF energy with equipment.

Broadband Continuous Disturbance – This band is normally unintentionally produced by the repeated impulses. An example of broadband continuous disturbance includes commutator motors, which have a repetition frequency that is lower than the bandwidth of the measuring receiver.

Broadband Discontinuous Disturbance – This disturbance, like broadband continuous, is also generated unintentionally. However, it is by mechanical or electronic switching procedures. For example, thermostats or program controls with a repetition rate lower than 1 Hz.

Radio disturbance measurements must be reproducible, i.e. independent of the measurement location and environmental conditions, especially ambient noise. Radio disturbances must also be free from interactions, such as the connection of the EUT to the measuring equipment. This connection must neither influence the function of the EUT nor the accuracy of the measurement equipment.

Keystone Compliance Offers Expert EMC Testing

Keystone has a full lab of test equipment which permits us to provide short lead times on scheduling. Keystone Compliance can accommodate fixed, mobile and portable devices of all sizes. Our team strives to give our customers more time and energy on product development instead of testing.

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