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AREMA 12.5.1 Switch Circuit Controllers Testing

AREMA 12.5.1 Switch Circuit Controllers Testing

AREMA 12.5.1 recommends instructions that apply to the installation, maintenance and test of switch circuit controllers. Testing under the AREMA C&S Manual specifies environmental test requirements that various products must meet. These tests can include temperature extremes, humidity, vibration (sinusoidal and sine sweep), mechanical shock, electromagnetic interference, dielectric requirements, corrosion and abrasive environment.

The specific requirements of the testing each device must meet is primarily determined by the position on the train the device is located. The bottom of this page includes a list of all of the classes and mounting positions.

Keystone Compliance has developed an expertise in the testing of railway equipment. Being geographically located in the heart of the American rail industry, our engineers have worked on hundreds of test programs and have a thorough knowledge of the test standards. Manufacturers prefer to work with Keystone Compliance because of the engineering assistance and troubleshooting guidance we provide when challenges arise. When a unit is not meeting the requirements, our engineers work with the manufacturer to identify and implement potential solutions. This level of service has made us one of the fastest-growing companies in the country.

Please contact us the next time you have an AREMA compliance testing need. With an abundance of equipment and staff and the ability to complete all of the AREMA requirements under one roof, our turnaround times for testing and reports is extremely short.

Detailed below are the equipment classes as detailed in AREMA based on the mounting location:

  • Class A – Roadbed
  • Class B – Wayside Outdoors
  • Class C – Wayside Signal Enclosures
  • Class D – Wayside Control Room
  • Class E – Computer Room
  • Class F – Vehicle Exterior Axle Mounted
  • Class G – Vehicle Exterior Truck Mounted
  • Class H – Vehicle Exterior Platform Mounted
  • Class I – Vehicle Interior Platform Mounted
  • Class J – Vehicle Interior Cab