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TCVN 7317 EMC Unintentional Radiator Immunity Testing

The TCVN 7317 lab test establishes uniform requirements for the electromagnetic immunity of information technology equipment. The test methods are given in the referenced basic electromagnetic compatibility, EMC, immunity standards. As a leader in EMC regulatory compliance testing, Keystone Compliance assists electronic equipment manufacturers with EMC testing. Meeting the IEC, EN, and other EMC testing requirements can be challenging. Not only do we understand the challenges, but we help guide companies through the process.

Keystone’s EMC testing engineers streamline the process and assist companies to achieve the compliance they require. We tailor each test plan to individual customer needs minimizing unnecessary costs and over-testing. Regarded as a leader in unintentional radiator testing, Keystone Compliance assists companies in TCVN 7317 testing daily. Our proven process helps avoid product launch delays by inviting our clients to review draft reports before final certification. Additionally, we are in constant communication throughout the entire test process. 

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Summary of TCVN 7317 Information Technology Equipment

TCVN 7317 radio equipment testing applies to information technology equipment as defined in CISPR 22. I.e., equipment between the specified frequencies of 9kHz to 400kHz for both class A and B specified equipment. TCVN 7317 also provides an adequate level of intrinsic immunity. This is so that the equipment will operate as intended in its given environment.

For exceptional environmental conditions, special mitigation measures are required.

Equipment that obeys the requirements at the frequencies stated is deemed to fulfill the requirements in the entire frequency range from 0Hz to 500GHz for electromagnetic phenomena. 

TCVN 7317 Electromagnetic Compliance Conditioning

This EMC and radio frequency lab test is performed using all primary functions in the most representative mode consistent with typical applications. The EMC test sample is configured per a consistent typical installation practice.

If the equipment being tested is part of a system or can be connected to associated equipment. The equipment is recommended to be tested while connected. This is necessary to exercise the ports similar to that described in CISPR 22.

If the equipment under testing either has a large number of terminals or ports with similar connection types, a sufficient number is selected to simulate the actual operating conditions. This ensures that all the different types of terminations are covered.

The test equipment or associated EMC equipment must not have any influence on the result of the test. Nor should the cables intentionally be stretched during testing.

Lastly, where particular conditions for specific functions are not given in this TCVN 7317 standard, general conditions apply.

TCVN 7317 RF Compliance Equipment Criteria

Manufacturers have a strict obligation to communicate the performance criteria of the specific product in testing. Examples of the EMC performance criteria include:

  • Essential operational modes and states
  • Tests of all peripheral access
  • Quality of software execution
  • Quality of data display and transmission
  • Quality of speech transmission.

Lastly, two specific criteria can be performed during and/or after the EMC test.

Criteria A continues the operation as intended without operator intervention. No degradation of performance or loss of function is allowed below a minimum performance level specified by the manufacturer. If this performance is not specified, it may be derived from the product description and documentation.

After the test, Criteria B states that the EUT must continue to be operated as intended. During the test, degradation of performance is allowed. However, no change of operating state or stored data is permitted after the test.

Expert TCVN 7317 Immunity RF Laboratory Testing

Keystone has a full lab of test equipment which permits us to provide short lead times on scheduling. Keystone Compliance can accommodate fixed, mobile and portable devices of all sizes. In addition to TCVN 7317 testing, Keystone has a full scope of expertise including environmental and package testing such as vibration, ingress protection, and cold chain.

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