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LIDAR, RADR, Speed Measuring Camera Calibration and Certification TestingSpeed Measuring Device Certification and Calibration (RADR, LiDAR, Speed Cameras…)

As stated by the DOT, “Speed measuring equipment should be calibrated on a regularly scheduled basis, and after repairs are made, in a qualified testing laboratory.”

Regular certification and calibration of speed measuring devices are essential to maintain accuracy and reliability, especially for devices used by law enforcement to enforce speed limits and issue speeding tickets. Without proper certification and calibration, speed measuring devices could provide inaccurate readings, leading to incorrect fines and unsafe driving conditions.

As an ISO 17025 accredited test lab, Keystone Compliance is certified to complete the certifications and verifications of the FSK Frequency for traffic monitoring devices. Our expertise and multiple test setups provide accurate results in an expedited period of time.

Summary of LiDAR, RADR, and Speed Camera Certification and Calibration Testing

Our speed camera testing and speed measuring device certification is completed using NIST-traceable equipment. Our measurement of the FSK frequency includes the nominal frequency, measured frequency, amplitude, frequency deviation and limit.

To certify the frequency also referred to as calibrations, we analyze the peak power angle, beamwidth and take measurements from a point left and right. This data is summarized in a concise but detailed test report and delivered with a certificate when the unit meets the requirement.

There are many names for the electronic speed measuring devices that we certify. Here are just a few:

  • Automated Speed Enforcement System (ASES)
  • Average Speed Calculator (ASC)
  • Doppler Radar Speed Measuring Device (DRSMD)
  • Electronic Traffic Sensor System (ETSS)
  • Laser Speed Measuring Device (LSMD)
  • LiDAR Speed Measuring Device (LiSMD)
  • Police Traffic Radar Device (PTRD)
  • Radar Speed Measuring Device (RSMD)
  • Speed Enforcement Camera System (SECS)
  • Speed Measuring Device (SMD)
  • Tracking Radar (TR)
  • Traffic Safety Radar (TSR)

The certification services we offer are guided by the U. S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) Systems.

If you are a manufacturer of speed measuring units or a municipality using them, Keystone Compliance can assist with the frequency verification testing and certification you need. Request a quote to learn why our customers partner with us to certify thousands of units per year.