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QCVN 18 EMC Testing of Information Devices

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Summary of QCVN Information Device EMC Testing

QCVN Vietnamese test method 18 specifies general requirements for electromagnetic compatibility for related radio and auxiliary equipment. Appropriate EMC test arrangements and individual test results are specified in the related set of standards, EN 301 489-14.

With the relevant product regulations, this test method specifies the capabilities of EMC test measurements, methods, substance limits, and specifications. The QCVN 18 compliance standard applies to Vietnamese agencies, organizations and individuals, and foreign countries that have activities of manufacturing, trading, and exploiting attached equipment.

Auxiliary Equipment: This is the equipment used in connection with a receiver or transmitter. AN appliance is considered auxiliary equipment when it is used in conjunction with a receiver or transmitter.

Base Station Equipment: An auxiliary and/or radio communication equipment used in a fixed location. This equipment supplies electricity directly by the grid or local DC power network.

Combined Equipment: Any device that can perform two or more functions.

Scope of QCVN 18 EMC Information Device Testing

Emission Testing

Measurements for emission tests are performed while the EUT is operating in the correct function and on mode. This will in turn create the maximum radiation level in the band under investigation. Equipment must be configured in normal/typical operation mode. If the equipment has an integral antenna, the equipment is tested with the antenna as in normal operation.

This test applies only to the auxiliary equipment not integrated in the equipment radio communications. They are intended for measurement on an independent basis as determined by the manufacturer/

Furthermore, the test does not apply to auxiliary equipment integrated in communication equipment radio or auxiliary equipment used in measurement combined with radio communication equipment online.

Immunity Testing

Immunity tests are performed with the modes of operation as intended per the specific conditions in EN 301 489-14. The test is performed within the specified normal operating environment. The equipment is supplied with rated power. If the equipment has an integral antenna, the equipment is tested with the antenna as in normal operation.

If the device has multiple ports, a sufficient number of ports are chosen to simulate operating conditions and to ensure that different end types are tested.

The Vietnamese compliance test applies to relevant ancillary and radio equipment. QCVN 18 is performed on a configuration representing a combination of communication equipment and ancillary equipment.

Expert Information Device Compliance Testing

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