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KS C 9610-4-12 EMC – Ring Wave Testing

The KS C 9610-4-12 test standard, previously known as KN 61000-4-12 is harmonized with the IEC 61000-4-12 test standard and relates to the immunity requirements and test methods for electrical and electronic equipment, under operational conditions, to non-repetitive damped oscillatory transients (ring wave test) occurring in low-voltage power, control, and signal lines supplied by public and non-public networks.

The scope of KS C 9610-4-12 testing is to establish the immunity requirements and a common reference for evaluating in a laboratory the performance of electrical and electronic equipment intended for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, as well as of equipment intended for power stations and substations, as applicable.

Keystone Compliance has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to streamline KS C 9610-4-12/KN-61000-4-12 compliance testing. With five EMC test chambers, including three -three-meter chambers, meeting tight scheduling requirements is rarely a challenge. What makes us the premier KS C 9610-4-12 test lab that we are is our engineering assistance.

When obstacles arise during a test program, our engineers get involved to determine the source of the failure and potential corrections. This consultative approach is why so many manufacturers choose Keystone Compliance as their KS C 9610-4-12 test lab.

The specific sections of the KS C 9610-4-12/KN 61000 4 12 test standard defines:

  • test voltage and current waveforms
  • ranges of test levels
  • test equipment
  • test set-up
  • test procedure

KS C 9610-4-12 also details the description of the phenomenon, relevant parameters, repetition rate, and phase angle.

Please contact us for more information on how Keystone Compliance can assist you with identifying and fulfilling your KS C 9610-4-12, IEC 61000-4-12, and KN-61000-4-12 testing and ring wave immunity testing needs.