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KS X 3126 EMC Testing of Broadband Data Transmission Systems

The KS X 3126 EMC test standard, previously known as KN 301-489-17, defines test methods for immunity to ripple at the d.c. input power port of electronic and electrical equipment. KS X 3126 compliance testing applies to certain low-voltage d.c. power ports of equipment. This specific equipment is supplied by external rectifier systems or batteries that are being charged.

The object of KS X 3126 testing is to establish a reproducible but common basis for testing, in a laboratory, electronic and electrical equipment that is subjected to ripple voltages. These voltages are similar to those generated by rectifier systems and/or auxiliary service battery chargers overlaying on d.c. power supply sources.

The KS X 3126 EMC test standard defines several criteria. These include but are not limited to:

  • The test voltage waveform.
  • The range of test levels.
  • The test setup.
  • The test generator.
  • The test procedure.

The KS X 3126 EMC standard test procedure applies to electrical or electronic systems and equipment. It also applies to modules or subsystems whenever the equipment under test (EUT) rated power is greater than the test generator capacity specified in the compliance testing document.

The South Korean EMC test does not apply to equipment connected to battery charger systems that incorporate switch-mode converters. KS X 3126 lab testing does not specify the tests to be applied to particular apparatus or systems. The primary objective is to give a general basic reference to IEC product committees.

These KS EMC product committees or users or manufacturers of equipment are responsible for the appropriate choice of the test. They are also responsible for the severity level to be applied to their equipment. Dedicated test procedures are in use for testing specific categories of electrical or electronic equipment. Examples of this include equipment connected to d.c. supply network of telephone switching centers.

Expert EMC KS X 3126 Standard Lab Testing

Keystone Compliance provides KS X 3126 and KN 301-489-17 radio equipment testing in a professional, timely and affordable manner. Our EMC test lab features multiple EMC test chambers. This ensures that lead times on scheduling are never an issue. In addition to EMC/EMI testing, our lab also features mechanical, product safety, wireless, ingress protection, and package testing. Regardless of the testing need, Keystone Compliance can provide the appropriate solution.

In addition to being accredited to KS X 3126, Keystone Compliance is also accredited to the EN and IEC KS X 3126 EMC test standard. Keystone Compliance is accredited to a significant number of the KN or South Korea compliance test standards.

For more information on our capabilities, please contact us. If you are ready to see firsthand why so many companies rely on Keystone Compliance for their KS X 3126 EMC testing, please request a quote.