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IEC 62135-1 Testing

Resistance welding equipment – Part 1: Safety requirements for design, manufacture and installation

IEC 62135-1 Scope:

IEC 62135 1 and EN 62135 1 testing applies to equipment for resistance welding and allied processes and includes single and multiple welding stations which may be manually or automatically loaded and/or started.

This part of IEC 62135 covers stationary and portable equipment. This part of IEC 62135 specifies electrical safety requirements for design, manufacture and installation. It does not cover all non-electrical safety requirements (e.g. noise, vibration). This part of IEC 62135 does not include electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements, which are included in IEC 62135-2.

To comply with this standard, all safety risks involved in loading, feeding, operating and unloading the equipment, where applicable, should be assessed and the requirements of related standards should be observed.

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IEC 62135-2 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements