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IEC 61547 Testing  Equipment for General Lighting Purposes

IEC 61547 Testing

Equipment for General Lighting Purposes – EMC Immunity Requirements

IEC 61547 Scope:

IEC 61547 and EN 61547 for electromagnetic immunity requirements apply to lighting equipment that is within the scope of IEC technical committee 34, such as lamps, auxiliaries, and luminaires, intended either for connecting to a low voltage electricity supply or for battery operation.

Excluded from the scope of this standard is equipment for which the immunity requirements are formulated in other IEC or CISPR standards such as:

  • Lighting equipment for use in transport vehicles;
  • Entertainment lighting control equipment for professional purposes;
  • Lighting devices built into other equipment such as:
    • Scale illumination or indicators;
    • Photocopiers;
    • Slide and overhead projectors;
    • Multimedia equipment.

However, in multi-function equipment where the lighting part operates independently from other parts, the electromagnetic immunity requirements of this standard apply to the lighting part.

The requirements of this standard are based on the requirements for domestic, commercial, and light-industrial environments as given in IEC 61000-6-1, but modified to lighting engineering practice.

It can be expected that lighting equipment complying with the requirements of this standard will operate satisfactorily in other environments. In some special cases, measures have to be taken to provide higher immunity. It is impracticable to deal with all these possibilities. Such requirements may be established by a contractual agreement between supplier and purchaser.

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IEC 61547-1 An objective voltage fluctuation immunity test method