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IEC 61547-1 Testing  Equipment for General Lighting Purposes

IEC 61547-1 Testing

Equipment for General Lighting Purposes – EMC Immunity Requirements – Part 1: An objective Voltage Fluctuation Immunity Test Method

IEC 61547-1 Scope:

IEC 61547 1 and EN 61547 1, which are Technical Reports, establish an objective method and procedure for testing the immunity performance of lighting equipment against voltage fluctuation disturbances on the a.c. power port.

The object of IEC 61547-1 testing is to establish a common and objective reference for evaluating the immunity of lighting equipment in terms of illuminance flicker when subjected to mains voltage fluctuations. Temporal changes in the color of the light (chromatic flicker) are not considered in this test.

EN 61547-1 testing can be applied to lighting equipment that is within the scope of IEC technical committee 34, such as lamps and luminaires, intended for connection to a low voltage electricity supply. Independent auxiliaries such as drivers can be tested also by application of a representative light source to that auxiliary.

The method and procedure described in IEC 61547-1 tests are based on the IEC 61000-3-3 standard for voltage fluctuation limits and the flickermeter standard IEC 61000-4-15. The test method described in this report applies to lighting equipment rated for 230 V a.c. and 50 Hz (for verification purposes).

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