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FCC CFR Part 18 TestingFCC CFR 47 Part 18 Radiated and Conducted Emissions

FCC CFR Part 18 regulates industrial, scientific, and medical equipment (ISM) that emits electromagnetic energy on frequencies within the radio frequency spectrum to prevent harmful interference to authorized radio communication services. CFR Part 18 testing sets forth the conditions under which the equipment in question may be operated.

FCC Part 18 EMC testing covers both radiated and conducted emissions. This EMC test standard includes the following definitions to assist in determining applicability. Radiofrequency (RF) energy is defined as electromagnetic energy at any frequency in the radio spectrum from 9 kHz to 3 THz (3,000 GHz).

Harmful interference is essentially interference that endangers the functioning of a radio navigation service or of other safety services. This interference can also seriously degrade, obstruct, or repeatedly interrupt a radiocommunication service.

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Summary of FCC CFR Part 18 Radiated and Conducted Emissions Testing

Industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) equipment is defined as equipment or appliances designed to generate and use locally RF energy for industrial, scientific, medical, domestic, or similar purposes. There are exclusions, which include applications in the field of telecommunication.

Typical ISM applications are the production of physical, biological, or chemical effects such as heating, ionization of gases, mechanical vibrations, hair removal, and acceleration of charged particles. Industrial heating equipment is a category of ISM equipment used for or in connection with industrial heating operations utilized in a manufacturing or production process.

Medical diathermy equipment is a category of ISM equipment used for therapeutic purposes, not including surgical diathermy apparatus designed for intermittent operation with low power. Ultrasonic equipment is a category of ISM equipment in which the RF energy is used to excite or drive an electromechanical transducer for the production of sonic or ultrasonic mechanical energy for industrial, scientific, medical, or other non-communication purposes.

Consumer Industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) equipment is a category of ISM equipment used or intended to be used by the general public in a residential environment, notwithstanding use in other areas. FCC Part 18 lists examples as domestic microwave ovens, jewelry cleaners for home use, and ultrasonic humidifiers.

The ISM frequency is the frequency assigned by this part for the use of ISM equipment. A specified tolerance is associated with each ISM frequency. Marketing. As used in part 18, includes sale or lease, offer for sale or lease, advertising for sale or lease, the import or shipment, or other distribution for the purpose of sale or lease or offer for sale or lease.

The CFR Part 18 test standard defines magnetic resonance equipment as a category of ISM equipment in which RF energy is used to create images and data representing the spatially resolved density of transient atomic resources within an object.

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