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EN 50155 Testing

EN 50155 Testing

EN 50155 testing applies to all electronic equipment for control, regulation, protection, supply, etc., installed on rail vehicles and associated with either the accumulator battery of the vehicle or a low voltage power supply source with or without a direct connection to the contact system (transformer, potentiometer device, auxiliary supply). The exception is electronic power circuits, which conform to the EN 50207 test.

The EN 50155 test covers the conditions of operation, design, construction, and testing of electronic equipment, as well as basic hardware and software requirements considered necessary for competent, reliable equipment. For the purpose of this standard, electronic equipment is defined as equipment mainly composed of semiconductor devices and recognized associated components. These components will mainly be mounted on printed boards. It is important to note that sensors (current, voltage, speed, etc.) and firing unit printed board assemblies for power electronic devices are covered by this standard. Complete firing units are covered by EN 50207 testing.

Below are the test methods and descriptions for the EN 50155 test:

EN 50155 Test 1 – Visual Inspection
EN 50155 Test 2 – Performance
EN 50155 Test 3 – Cooling
EN 50155 Test 4 – Dry Heat
EN 50155 Test 5 – Damp Heat, Cyclic
EN 50155 Test 6 – Supply Overvoltage
EN 50155 Test 7 – Surges, Electrostatic Discharge and Transient Burst Susceptibility
EN 50155 Test 8 – Radio Interference
EN 50155 Test 9 – Insulation
EN 50155 Test 10 – Salt Mist
EN 50155 Test 11 – Vibration, Shock and Bump
EN 50155 Test 12 – Water tightness
EN 50155 Test 13 – Equipment Stress Screening
EN 50155 Test 14 – Low Temperature Storage


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