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EN 50130-4 Testing

EN 50130-4 Testing

EN 50130-4 is an EMC product-family standard for immunity requirements that applies to certain components of alarm systems. EN 50130-4 applies to alarm system components that are intended for use in and around buildings in residential, commercial, light industrial, and industrial environments. The following alarm system components are listed in EN 50130-4 and require EN 50130-4 testing:

  • Access control systems for security applications
  • Alarm transmission systems
  • CCTV systems for security applications
  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems
  • Hold-up alarm systems
  • Intruder alarm systems
  • Social alarm systems

EN 50130-4 testing specifications require that severities be identical for indoor and outdoor applications of fixed, movable and portable equipment. Equipment that requires EN 50130-4 testing should be designed in order to operate satisfactorily in the environmental electromagnetic conditions of residential, commercial, light industrial, and industrial environments. EN 50130-4 testing implies particularly that it should be able to operate correctly within the conditions fixed by the electromagnetic compatibility levels for the various disturbances on the low voltage public supply system as defined by EN 61000-2.

EN 50130-4 testing includes but is not limited to the testing of the following functional tests:

  • Mains supply voltage variations
  • Mains supply voltage dips and short interruptions
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Radiated electromagnetic fields
  • Conducted disturbances induced by electromagnetic fields
  • Fast transient bursts
  • Slow high energy voltage surge

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