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Northeast Ohio’s Regulatory Compliance Lab

Northeast Ohio is in the midst of a renaissance. The manufacturing communities of Cleveland, Akron and Canton are realizing a resurgence and Keystone Compliance is proud to play a part in this success. Having the privilege to work with so many local manufacturers has helped us be recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country by INC. Magazine.  This recognition is a testament to the success of manufacturers in the greater Cleveland area. Our business has been built on not just meeting the needs of these manufacturers, but partnering with them to improve their products.

We are not a compliance lab that tests a device and simply states that it either passed or failed. We are a resource and a partner. Our goal is to help our customers achieve the regulatory requirements and optimize their products. Whether they are in Akron or Canton, Cleveland or Mansfield, we take great pride in helping companies defeat the competition they face from other parts of the country and other parts of the world. We work thoroughly, but expeditiously. Time is money. That is why our turnaround time is quick from our quote to our reports.

If you are a company in Northeast Ohio in need of product design guidance or compliance testing, we can be your solution. Our experience is vast and our knowledge of the requirements is unmatched. Whether your product is an automobile component, consumer good, medical device, military product, or industrial system, we can assist you. Our expertise includes temperature, vibration, altitude, salt-fog, package, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), shielding effectiveness, ESD and ingress protection testing.

Finally, even though we are just a short drive away, we have an international reach. With our A2LA accreditation, a Keystone Compliance test report is recognized and accepted around the globe. Your product might be sold internationally, but the majority of your compliance testing can be conducted locally.

Follow in the footsteps of many other successful Ohio manufacturers and reach out to Keystone Compliance to realize the benefits our engineering experts have to offer.

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