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47 CFR FCC Part 90 Certification Testing of Private Land Mobile Radio Services

FCC part 90 determines the testing procedures and requirements concerning public safety and industrial radio pools, and radiolocation services. As a leader in RF regulatory compliance testing, Keystone Compliance recognizes the requirements needed for wireless radio manufacturers. Meeting the ETSI, FCC, and other wireless testing specifications can be challenging. Not only do we understand the challenges, but we help guide companies through the process.

Keystone is in constant communication throughout the entire test process. From concept through compliance, Keystone meets all of our customers’ needs under one roof.

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Summary of FCC Intentional Radiator Wireless Testing

Part 90 of the 47 CFR FCC test method evaluates radio communications systems. The systems must be licensed and used in public safety, industrial/business radio pool, and radiolocational radio systems.

Public Safety Radio Pool

Part 90 in the wireless FCC standard covers the licensing of radio communications. Specifically of government entities and the following:

  • Medical services
  • Rescue organizations
  • Veterinarians
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Disaster relief organizations
  • School buses
  • Beach patrols
  • Establishment in isolated places
  • Communications standby facilities
  • Emergency repair of public communications facilities 

Entities not covered in the criteria above can also be licensed in the Public Safety Radio Pool to provide service to eligibles on one-way paging devices on frequencies below 800 MHz. Private carrier systems licensed on the other channels may continue to provide radio communications. 

Industrial/Business Radio Pool

Industrial and Business Radio Pool covers the licensing of entities engaged in the following:

  • Commercial activities
  • Engaged in clergy activities
  • Operating educations, philanthropic, or ecclesiastical institutions
  • Operating in hospitals, clinics, or medical associations.

In addition to the eligibility mentioned above, eligibility is also provided for any corporation proposing to furnish nonprofit radiocommunication service to its parent corporation, to another subsidiary of the same parent, or its subsidiary.

Radiolocation Service

The Radiolocation Service uses radio methods for the determination of direction, distance, etc for purposes other than navigation. Rules as to eligibility for licensing, permissible communications, frequency available, and any special requirements are listed below:

  • Any person engaged in a commercial, industrial, scientific. Educational or local government activity.
  • A corporation or association that will furnish radiolocation services to other persons.
  • A corporation that will furnish a nonprofit radiocommunication service to its parent corporation or its subsidiary.

Scope of 47 CFR Part 90 Private Mobile Wireless Testing

Not only does part 90 of the FCC wireless test describe test requirements and conditions but it also contains the application filing procedures for the Wireless Telecommunications Services. This also includes applications for new based, fixed, or mobile station authorization governed by this part.

Supplemental information to be submitted with applications include evidence of frequency coordination. Next, the FCC method also suggests a description of any equipment proposed to be used. Showings required in connection with the use of frequencies are also mentioned in the supplemental information FCC section.

Transmitters used in the radio services governed by this part must comply with the emission masks outlined in this section. Measurements of emission power can be expressed in either peak or average values. However, this is provided that emissions are expressed with the same parameters used to specify the unmodulated transmitter carrier power.

Expert Intentional Radiator FCC Laboratory Testing

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