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SAE J1455 Recommended Environmental Practices for Electronic Equipment Design in Heavy-Duty Vehicle Applications

The scope of SAE J1455 testing encompasses the range of environments which influence the performance and reliability of the electronic equipment designed for heavy duty on and off-road vehicles, as well as any appropriate stationary applications which also use these vehicle derived components. A few examples of such vehicles are on and off highway trucks, trailers, buses, construction equipment, and agricultural equipment including implements.

SAE J1455 testing is intended to aid the designer of commercial vehicle electronic systems and components by providing guidelines that may be used to develop environmental design goals. Specific test requirements are to be agreed upon by the customer and supplier.

SAE J1455 cover a variety of testing including the following:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Salt Spray Atmosphere
  • Exposure to Chemicals and Oils
  • Steam Cleaning and Pressure Washing
  • Fungus
  • Dust and Sand
  • Gravel Bombardment
  • Altitude
  • Mechanical Vibration
  • Mechanical Shock
  • Combined Environmental Testing
  • General Heavy-Duty Truck Electrical Environment

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