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RSS-310 Testing of Licence-Exempt Radio Category II Equipment

The Industry Canada RSS-310 standard evaluates license-exempt radio equipment in all frequency bands. As a leader in RF regulatory compliance testing, Keystone Compliance recognizes the requirements needed for wireless radio manufacturers. Meeting the ETSI, FCC, and other wireless testing specifications can be challenging. Not only do we understand the challenges, but we help guide companies through the process.

From concept through compliance, Keystone meets all of our customers’ needs under one roof. We have a reputation for helping customers achieve their wireless product certifications. Keystone is continually developing partnerships in GMA and RF exposure testing. These strategic partnerships allow us to meet customer needs beyond our scope of accreditation.

Request a quote to receive expert wireless testing services tailored to your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your product and how we can assist you in achieving wireless Canadian RSS-310 certifications.

Scope of Wireless License-Exempt Radio Device Testing

RSS-310 provides requirements for license-exempt radio apparatus. These devices are used for radiocommunication, other than broadcasting, which is exempt from certification. The manufacturer of Category II equipment is subjected to this RSS standard to ensure that compliance is demonstrated and results are compiled within a report.

Many of the emission conditions, wireless compliance, and RSS certification requirements must comply with RSS-Gen. The RSS-310 wireless standard test method lists technical standards about:

  • Category II receiver requirements
  • Underground and tunnel radios
  • Cable locating equipment
  • AC wire carrier current devices
  • Transmitters with input power of 6 nanowatts or less
  • 0 – 9 kHz and Infra-red frequencies

Tests are performed and reports are prepared by RSS-Gen provisions. This excludes provisions applicable only to the certification of Category I equipment. The wireless RSS-310 test report is retained by the manufacturer whose name appears on the equipment label for as long as the model is marketed in Canada.

The manufacturer or the test apparatus must ensure that each unit of the equipment model bears a permanent label on which displays the following information:

  • Manufacturer’s Name or Brand Name
    • Model: (Model Number)
  • Canada 310

Expert Wireless RSS-310 Intentional Radiator Testing

In addition to Category II apparatus testing, Keystone has a full scope of expertise including multiple transmitters, pre-approved radio modules, and licensed radios. Our team strives to give our customers more time and energy on product development instead of testing. Keystone Compliance can accommodate fixed, mobile and portable devices of all sizes.

If you are ready to start your wireless RSS-310 compliance testing, please request a quote. For more information on why so many companies partner with Keystone Compliance, contact us.