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MIC/eK–South Korea

The MIC and eK symbols are the safety marks for South Korea. South Korea requires that manufacturers of electrical/electronic equipment bear the MIC (EMC and/or Telecom) or eK (Product Safety and EMC) mark.

Through a strategic partnership based in the U.S. and South Korea, Keystone Compliance provides an expedient MIC certification service for ITE, telecom, and radio equipment. Additionally, through an affiliation with KETI (Korea Electric Testing Institute), we are able to provide eK certifications for South Korea.

Additional information on each mark includes:

MIC Mark – Telecom approvals and EMC certifications for general IT Equipment are issued by Radio Research Laboratory (RRL), which is under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC). Testing is performed for telecom function and EMC as part of the approval process for terminal equipment.

eK Mark – Electrical appliances with an input voltage between 50-1000 volts require eK certification. Additionally, the manufacturing facility responsible for such equipment must be inspected by a certified body associated with KETI. Factory inspections are then conducted on a yearly basis for each factory that manufactures eK marked products.

Working with Keystone Compliance on achieving the MIC / eK symbols provides the following:

  • Turn-around time frame is much faster than submitting directly to KETI or other South Korean testing labs. (Complete certification time frame is 2-8 weeks versus 6-8 months when going directly to South Korean agencies).
  • Keystone Compliance can translate all safety relevant instructions (eK) and user’s manual (MIC).
  • Test samples do not have to be shipped to South Korea, thus avoiding trouble and delay in going through customs. Based on the specification of the product, testing in South Korea for the MIC mark might be required. Keystone Compliance is equipped to perform complete preliminary evaluation and scanning for MIC testing; therefore, providing peace of mind that the product will pass the actual MIC certification in South Korea. This service practically eliminates the need for your engineers to travel to South Korea to oversee the testing.
  • Potential communication and language barriers are eliminated.
  • Keystone Compliance can provide its clients with a South Korean based representative. In the past, manufacturers were required to have a manufacturing facility in South Korea. Having a representative is enough to satisfy this requirement.