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Machinery Directive

The Machinery Directive harmonizes the requirements of the European Union to protect the safety of consumers. The Machinery Directive applies to the following products:

  • Machinery
  • Interchangeable equipment
  • Safety components
  • Lifting accessories
  • Chains, ropes and webbing designed and constructed for lifting purposes
  • Removable mechanical transmission device

The Machinery Directive is a self-declaring directive in which manufacturers must determine compliance. There are three primary paths to compliance and some types of machinery and safety components that require notified body testing.

A Technical Construction File is required and must include items such as drawings, schematics, declaration of conformity, technical reports and manuals among other documentation. In order to sell machines in the European Union, manufacturers must affix the CE Mark to their product. To affix the CE Mark, the Machinery Directive must be complied with.

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