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KN 61000-4-2 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Compliance Testing

KS C 9610-4-2 Testing – Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

The scope of KS C 9610-4-2 testing, previously known as KN 61000-4-2, relates to the electrostatic discharge immunity requirements and test methods for electrical and electronic equipment subjected to static electricity discharges, from operators directly, and from personnel to adjacent objects. The KN 61000-4-2 test standard additionally defines ranges of test levels that relate to different environmental and installation conditions and establishes test procedures.

The object of a KS C 9610-4-2/KN 61000-4-2 test program is to establish a common and reproducible basis for evaluating the performance of electrical and electronic equipment when subjected to electrostatic discharges. In addition, KS C 9610-4-2 testing includes electrostatic discharge testing simulation which may occur from personnel to objects near vital equipment.

KS C 9610-4-2 testing defines:

  • typical waveform of the electrostatic discharge current
  • range of test levels
  • test equipment
  • test setup
  • test procedure
  • calibration procedure
  • measurement uncertainty

KS C 9610-4-2 relates to equipment, systems, subsystems, and peripherals that may be involved in static electricity discharges owing to environmental and installation conditions, such as low relative humidity, use of low-conductivity (artificial-fiber) carpets, vinyl garments, etc., which may exist in all locations classified in standards relevant to electrical and electronic equipment.

Expert KS C 9610-4-2 Korean Certification Testing Laboratory

Keystone Compliance assists manufacturers with EN 61000-4-2 and KS C 9610-4-2 compliance testing. Our lab features five EMC test chambers capable of completing any KN 61000 4 2 test programs. Having invested in five chambers and all of the necessary support equipment allows us to have short lead times on scheduling. We can generally start a KS C 9610-4-2 test program within two weeks of issuing a quote.

In addition to the aggressive scheduling, Keystone Compliance is unmatched in its consultative engineering throughout an entire KS C 9610-4-2 compliance test program. Keystone’s engineers work with manufacturers to overcome testing obstacles as they occur.

Our goal is to assist manufacturers in finding ways for their products to meet the requirements of the standards. This value engineering has made us one of the preeminent KS C 9610-4-2/KN 61000-4-2 test labs in the industry and one of the fastest-growing companies in the country.

Please contact us for more information on how Keystone Compliance can assist you with identifying and fulfilling your KS C 9610-4-2 testing and ESD testing needs.