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ISTA Testing

Keystone Compliance is an ISTA-certified package testing lab that has the experience and equipment to meet almost any package testing need. Keystone Compliance’s package testing experience includes testing enclosures, shipping containers, packaging materials, packaging components, and unit loads. Package testing assists manufacturers in a variety of ways including but not limited to the effectiveness of the packaging, potential product liability determination and potential costs of incorrect packaging.

Environmental conditions can dramatically impact various packaging materials. For instance, humidity and moisture can weaken paper products and plastics are impacted by temperature. Many package testing standards require the preconditioning of the packaging prior to testing to verify that the packaging can withstand requirements despite being in a weakened condition.

Other testing conditions include vacuum testing, where low pressures from high altitudes are simulated and shock and vibration testing, which simulates truck or rail travel and the loading and unloading of the product.

Keystone Compliance’s package testing equipment includes three electrodynamic shakers, several temperature and humidity chambers, an altitude chamber, a pneumatic shock machine, a drop tester, a loose cargo table and several pieces of Ingress Protection or IP Code testing equipment.

Keystone Compliance is ISTA certified and can assist with virtually any package testing need. Please contact us today to lean how we can assist with your package testing needs.

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