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ISTA 6 FedEx A Package TestingISTA 6 FedEx A Package Compliance Testing

ISTA 6 FedEx A determines procedures for the integrity of parcels weighing 150 lbs or less during the transportation cycle. As an ISTA and ISO 17025 certified lab, Keystone Compliance realizes the importance of ISTA 6 package compliance testing. Meeting the ISTA 6 FedEx package testing requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process. 

Keystone Compliance provides the peace of mind that all of your package testing and transportation integrity needs will be met under one roof. We have a reputation for helping customers achieve their package certifications.

Additionally, when packages do not meet the requirements, we assist with finding solutions. Our pricing is competitive and we offer volume discounts. 

Request a quote to see why so many companies partner with Keystone Compliance. Have a question about ISTA 6 FedEx package testing? Contact us and we will determine the best course of action.

Summary of ISTA 6 FedEx A Package Testing

This FedEx package test standard determines the general simulation procedures for testing packaged products weighing up to 150 lbs. ISTA 6 FedEx A uses procedures such as drop, impact, compression, and vibration tests. These tests evaluate the integrity of packaging and its ability to withstand hazards from the transportation cycle. Packages are routinely opened and inspected after the completion of all test procedures.

FedEx classifies a package into one of three categories.

Flat Package: A flat package is classified as a package with the shortest dimension less than or equal to 8 inches. The next shortest dimension is at least 4 times the length of the shortest dimension. Lastly, the volume of the total package is at least 800 cubic inches.

Elongated Package: This type of package is classified as an elongated package if the longest dimension is at least 36 inches. The other two dimensions must measure 20% or less than the longest dimension.

Regular Package: A regular package is any package that is not defined as a flat or elongated package.

ISTA 6 FedEx A Testing Procedures for Parcels Weighing 150 lbs or Less

Free-Fall Drop

Packages are dropped onto a flat, firm, nonyielding steel base. Drop heights may vary depending on the package weight. A total of 10 drops is recommended; one for each orientation.

Concentrated Impact

For flat packages, a free-fall drop tester is used to drop a dense box measuring 12” x 12” x 12” onto the parcel.

For elongated packages, a bridge impact test is performed. This is done by placing the test package on two 4”-high blocks at the opposite ends of the longest package dimension. Then the wooden box is dropped at the midpoint of the package.


Keystone performs compression tests on a dynamic compression tester. The package under testing is centered on the lower platen of the compression machine. The platens are then brought together at 0.5” per minute.

Random Vibration

Random vibration testing is performed on a dynamic shock machine. This test reproduces 3 consecutive sequences of random vibration profiles:

  • Truck vibration at 0.52 Grms
  • Air vibration at 1.06 Grms
  • Repeat truck vibration at 0.52 Grms

Rotary Vibration

Packages are subjected to a total of 14,200 vibratory impacts. The package is placed on the vibration table. Fixtures are used to prevent the sample from moving off the table. The vibration table is then at its lowest speed frequency and slowly increased until the desired speed is reached.

IMG_1955-2Expert ISTA FedEx Package Integrity Testing Laboratory

In addition to ISTA 6 FedEx testing, Keystone Compliance has a full scope of expertise including vibration, accelerated aging, and sterile barrier. We can accommodate flexible and rigid packages of all sizes, including parcels, large pallets, and crates. Our team strives to give our customers more time and energy on product development instead of testing. When packages do not meet the requirements, we assist with finding solutions.

Contact us to receive more information on ISTA 6 FedEx A parcel integrity testing. Request a quote and find out first hand about our competitive pricing, timely process, and outstanding reputation.

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