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ISTA 1H is a package testing standard that applies to packaged products that weight over 150 lb. (68 KG) when prepared for shipment. The test sequence for ISTA 1H includes random vibration, drop or impact shock and rotational drop impact tests.

The ISTA 1H standard provides the following suggestions:

  • To use fixed displacement vibration instead of random vibration, use ISTA Test Procedure 1B and not 1H.
  • For packaged-products where a minimum compression value should be tested, use ISTA Test Procedure 1D.
  • For packaged-products intended for international distribution, consider ISTA Partial-Simulation Performance Test Procedure 2B.
  • For unitized loads, conduct ISTA 1E and not ISTA 1H. A unitized load is defined as one or more products or packaged-products usually on a skid or pallet, but always secured together or restrained for distribution as a single load.

The chart below is from the standard and provides more guidance on the testing procedure and requirements:

Sequence #Test CategoryTest TypeFor ISTA Certification
2ShockDrop/Alternative Incline (conbur)/ Alternative horizontal impactRequired
3ShockRotational Edge DropRequired when not testing face 1


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