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IEC 62262 IK Code TestingIEC 62262 Mechanical Impact Testing

IEC 62262 testing, also known as IK Code testing classifies the degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts. This standard refers to the classification of the degrees of protection provided by enclosures against external mechanical impacts when the rated voltage of the protected equipment is not greater than 72,5 kV.

IEC 62262 compliance testing is only applicable to enclosures of equipment where the specific standard establishes degrees of protection of the enclosure against mechanical impacts.

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Summary of IEC 62262 Regulatory Compliance Testing

The standard helps identify the following:

  • Degrees of protection provided by enclosures of electrical equipment
  • Designations for the degrees of protection
  • Requirements for each designation
  • Tests to be performed to verify that the enclosure meets the requirements of IEC 62262

IEC 62262 IK Code Mechanical Impact Testing

In general, the degree of protection applies to the complete enclosure. If parts of the enclosure have differing degrees of protection, it is indicated separately.

Unless otherwise specified, IEC 62262 is carried out under the standard atmospheric conditions for tests described in IEC 60068. Each enclosure must be clean and in new condition. The enclosure must also be complete with all its parts in place unless otherwise specified.

Before the start of the test, the enclosure is mounted on a rigid support. Support is considered to be rigid if its displacement is less than or equal to 0.1 mm. There are to be five impacts on each exposed face unless otherwise specified. The impacts are evenly distributed on the faces enclosures. No more than three impacts are applied in the surroundings of the same point of the enclosure.

Below is the IK ratings chart. This chart represents the relation between the IK code and impact energy.


IK Code Ratings Chart


Expert IEC 62262 IK Code Enclosure Testing

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