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IEC 61347-2-8 Testing

Lamp controlgear – Part 2-8: ballasts for fluorescent lamps

IEC 61347-2-8 Scope:

IEC 61347 2 8 and EN 61347 2 8 testing specifies safety requirements for ballasts, excluding resistance types, for use on A.C. supplies up to 1000 V at 50 Hz or 60 Hz, associated with fluorescent lamps with or without pre-heated cathodes operated with or without a starter or starting device and having rated wattages, dimensions and characteristics as specified in IEC 60081 and 60901.

IEC 61347-2-8 applies to complete ballasts and to their component parts such as reactors, transformers and capacitors. thermally protected ballasts are given. Ballasts for conventional operation of lamps at mains frequency are covered, while A.C. supplied electronic ballasts for high frequency operation are excluded. These are specified in IEC 61347-2-3. Capacitors having a capacitance greater than 0,1 µF are covered by IEC 61048 and IEC 61049. Capacitors having a capacitance less than or equal to 0,1 µF are specified in IEC 60384-14. Performance requirements are the subject of IEC 60921.

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