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IEC 61010 Radiation and Sonic Pressure

IEC standard 61010 describes the standard test methods for protection against radiation, including laser sources, and against sonic and ultrasonic pressure. As a certified product safety compliance lab, Keystone realizes the importance of IEC 61010 hazard testing. Meeting the product safety test requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

 When products do not meet the requirements, Keystone Compliance assists with finding solutions. We provide extensive reports shortly after the conclusion of the IEC 61010 product safety standard testing. Furthermore, we are in constant communication throughout the entire test process.

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Summary of IEC Hazard Testing Against Radiation, Sonic, and Ultrasonic Pressure

IEC 61010 electronic equipment must provide protection against the effects of internally generated ultraviolet ionizing and microwave radiation. Examples include: laser sources, and sonic and ultrasonic pressure.

Scope of IEC 61010 Electrical and Electronic Hazard Testing

Equipment Producing Ionizing Radiation

Equipment containing ionizing radiation must meet defined requirements. This also applies to equipment that generates ionizing equipment.

Equipment meant to emit radiation must be specifically marked and IEC tested. The effective dose rate of radiation is measured at a constant distance of 50 mm to 1 m. This is measured from all surfaces of the equipment. If measurements are performed at any other distance, the equivalent effective dose rate at a distance of 50 mm is calculated.

The effective dose rate for equipment not intended to emit radiation is attained at 100 mm from the outer surface. Conformity is checked by measuring the amount of radiation in the conditions that will produce maximum radiation.

Ultraviolet Optical Radiation

Equipment containing UV sources with lamps and lamp systems emitting UV are not allowed to unintentionally expel radiation that can cause a hazard.

IEC 61010 product safety compliance is checked by inspection and the measurement of the optical radiation to determine no hazard exists.

Microwave Radiation

In normal and single-fault conditions, the power density of spurious microwave radiation ranging from 1 GHz and 100 GHz can not exceed 10 W/m^2. This pertains to any point 50 mm from the equipment.

The IEC 61010 product safety requirement does not apply to parts of the equipment where microwave radiation is spread intentionally. An example includes waveguide output ports. 

Sonic and Ultrasonic Pressure

It is not uncommon for equipment to produce noises at a level that can cause hazards. If this occurs, the manufacturer measures the maximum sound pressure level that the equipment can produce. Then, the manufacturer calculates the maximum sound power level.

Installation instructions define how manufacturers ensure that the sound pressure level from the equipment will not cause a hazard.

Regulatory compliance is found within this IEC 61010 product safety standard by measuring the maximum weighted sound pressure level. This is measured at the operator’s position and at bystander positions. If necessary, the maximum sound power level produced by the equipment is also calculated.

Expert IEC Test Method 61010 Product Safety Lab Testing

Keystone has a full lab of test equipment which permits us to provide short lead times on scheduling. In addition to IEC regulatory compliance testing, Keystone has a full scope of expertise including immersion, MIL-810, and EMC/EMI testing.

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