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IEC 60950-21 Testing

Information technology equipment – Safety – Part 21: Remote power feeding

IEC 60950-21 Scope:

IEC 60950 21 and EN 60950 21 testing applies to information technology equipment intended to supply and receive operating power via a telecommunication network, where the voltage exceeds the limits for TNV circuits

This part of IEC 60950 is also applicable to:

  • Components and subassemblies intended for incorporation in information technology this equipment. It is not expected that Such components and subassemblies need not comply with every aspect requirement of the standard, provided that the complete information technology equipment, incorporating such components and subassemblies, does comply;
  • External power supply units intended to supply other equipment within the Scope: of this part of IEC 60950;
  • Accessories intended to be used with equipment within the Scope: of this part of IEC 60950.

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