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IEC 60529 IP Code Testing

IEC 60529 Ingress Protection (IP Code) Certification Testing

IEC 60529 compliance testing is a popular ingress protection test standard. Ingress protection determines the ability of an enclosure to protect its contents. The ingress testing is for both solids and liquids. The degree of protection is called the IP Code.

The ingress protection rating consists of the letters “IP” and then either two digits or one digit and one letter. There can also be an additional optional letter. The first digit is the protection from solid particles. The second digit is the protection from liquids. The requirements of IEC 60529 testing are identical to those detailed in EN 60529 testing.

IEC 60529 labs test various cases and enclosures. One popular test item is enclosures for electrical equipment. The standard is such that it covers the protection of persons and equipment.

Protection from Solid Foreign Objects & Dust

IEC Standard 60529 provides guidelines for the protection from solid objects. The amount of protection is specified in an IP ratings table. Solid objects can include particles such as dust ingress. It can also include larger items such as hands, fingers, and probes.

The IP degree of protection will depend on the results of the enclosure test. The first number in the IP marking is protection against solids. The numbers range from zero to six. An IP ingress rating of 0 means no protection. The ingress protection meaning of IP1X is solid objects greater than 50 mm.

The IEC 60529 test standard considers a rating of IP2X as protection from solid objects greater than 12.5 mm. IP3X means IP ingress protection against solid objects greater than 2.5 mm. Enclosures rated IP4X offer protection from items that are solid objects greater than one mm.

In summary number one through four means the enclosure cannot access probes and objects. Conversely, the IP rating test results of IP5X and IP6X are both dust testing related. This ingress protection standard classifies a five as dust protected. A six is dust tight.

Protection Against Water

The IEC 60529 and the EN 60529 standards are very specific about water testing. For example, the duration, flow rate, temperature, depth, and angle of the water is spelled out. The ingress protection table includes requirements from dripping water to immersion testing. Corrosion testing and high-pressure water can be included.

Like the solid foreign objects IP code test, a liquid enclosure rating of zero means no protection. IPX1 means the enclosure protects against dripping water. IPX2 means the unit offers water ingress protection from dripping water testing titled up to 15 degrees. A rating of IPX3 covers spraying water testing.

A rating of IPX4 is splashing water testing. The harmful effects of water jets are covered by IPX5 in this international standard. Water ingress testing of powerful water jets is rated as IPX6. The IP rating standard considers immersion testing up to one meter to be rated as IPX7. Immersion protection beyond one meter is rated as IPX8. IPX9 would be powerful steam jets protection.

It should be noted that there can be an immersion test for corrosion. The ingress protection definition can also require conditioning of the liquid at temperature. The ingress protection test equipment must be able to meet the requirements.

Additional Enclosure Testing Clarification

The IP Code can be appended by additional letters. These letters classify the level of protection against hazardous parts by persons. They can also provide additional information related to the protection of the device:

A – Back of hand

B – Finger

C – ToolD – Wire

H – High voltage device

M – Device moving during water test

S – Device standing still during water test

W – Weather conditions

Mechanical Impact Resistance numbers are sometimes used. They identify the energy needed to qualify a specified resistance level. These levels are measured in joules (J). It is important to note that mechanical impact resistance was dropped from the third edition of IEC 60529 onwards.

Sample IP Ratings

Enclosures can have an IP54 rating meaning the device is protected from dust and splashing water. Ingress protection IP67 cases are dust tight and immersion protected up to one meter. IEC 60529 IP67 is one of the more popular ratings. Conversely, IP68 under IEC standard 60529 means an enclosure that is dust tight and protected to immersion beyond one meter.

The ingress protection levels summarize the degrees of protection provided by enclosures. Different types of cases and enclosures must meet different IP test levels. In addition to IEC-60529, there are other ingress and water immersion test methods. Our website highlights the most popular commercial and military test standards.

Finding the Proper Ingress Protection Compliance Partner

There are approximately 70 different ingress protection markings. Keystone Compliance is accredited to all of them. We are ISO-17025 accredited and our test reports are accepted globally. We are recognized as one of the best IP Code test labs in the country, mainly because of our experience.

We identify ingress points in products. More importantly, we identify potential solutions. We also have significant expertise in interpreting the requirements of IEC 60529. This often provides manufacturers with flexibility in determining acceptable amounts of ingress.

We also offsite ingress protection testing if the device requiring testing cannot be moved. Our IP Code customers enjoy our ability to explain the process and testing requirements. We offer short lead times and consultative engineering support. Our customers also receive affordable pricing.

Receiving an ingress protection certificate from Keystone Compliance makes sense. Contact us to receive a quote for IEC 60529 or EN 60529 testing. Find out why we are the preferred ingress protection lab for so many manufacturers from around the country.

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