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EN 14404 Testing

EN 14404 is commonly known as the knee pad test. The scope of EN 14404 specifies the requirements for knee protectors for use in a kneeling position. Requirements for the marking of knee protectors and the information to be supplied by the manufacturer are given. EN14404 does not apply to knee protectors that are medical devices or are intended for sports.

The standard calls out different types of knee pads including:

  • Knee protectors that are independent of other clothing and fasten around the leg.
  • Forma plastic or other padding material in pockets in trouser legs, or permanently attached to trousers.
  • Devices not attached to the body, but put into place as the user moves around. These may be for each knee or both knees together.
  • Knee protectors for one or both knees, which are parts or devices with additional functions as a frame to aid standing up, or a kneeling seat. The knee protectors may be worn on the body or be independent.

The knee pad test procedure calls out specific requirements for the types of knee protectors and the applicable tests. It also specifies the dimensions of the zones of protection of knee protectors. The actual testing includes impact testing and resistance testing. EN-14404 also spells out the marking requirements for products.

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