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EN 12985 Industrial Trucks – Electromagnetic Compatibility

The EN 12895 test standard addresses the potential issues that could arise from electromagnetic fields being emitted by industrial trucks. This is a growing challenge as more and more electronics are being incorporated on trucks. This increase in electronics can cause high frequency electrical disturbances to emerge during the normal operation of many parts of industrial trucks.

The scope of EN-12895 EMC testing is applicable to all industrial trucks. This requirement holds true regardless of the power system and their electrical/electronic systems as long as the truck is used in residential, commercial, light industry and industrial environments. EN 12895 testing specifies the requirements. The EN 12985 EMC test standard also dictates the limit values for electromagnetic emissions and immunity to external electromagnetic fields. EN 12895 EMI testing does have some exclusions. This test standard is not applicable to the following:

  • Equipment connected to AC mains which is only used when the truck is not being operated.
  • Interference generated that impacts on-board radio equipment.
  • Interaction between different systems on the trucks.
  • The positioning systems of driverless trucks.
  • Any trucks intended for use in the public domain.
  • All trucks that are pedestrian-propelled.
  • Any stacking high-lift straddle carriers.
  • All non-stacking low-lift straddle carriers.

To complete testing to EN12895, the lab must either test the complete truck or a system test. The system may be tested separately from the truck. However, the installation of the system in the truck must use the same components and be harnessed physically and electrically to those tested. The test sample must be in operating condition. Also, the equipment under test must be representative of the series production. Golden units are not permitted to be tested. Under certain circumstances, complete systems may be used without the need for additional tests. One example is if they are certified to be within the limits of the standard.

In addition to EMC testing, Keystone Compliance works with truck manufacturers on other forms of regulatory compliance testing. Our climatics lab can provide temperature, humidity and thermal shock testing. We also offer salt mist and solar radiation testing. Our dynamics test lab has shock and vibration testing. Ingress protection is a core service offering. We provide IP Code testing using both liquids and solids. Once the product is tested, we can assess and verify the packaging of the product as well. Essentially, if there is an event that needs replicated, we can recreate it. Our test lab works with hundreds on manufacturers each year to achieve their required certification testing.

Keystone Compliance has significant experience testing the EN 12895 and assists manufacturers design, implement and test to an effective test plan. With seven EMC chambers on-site, our engineering team can get your EN-12895 test program scheduled in short order. We also complete the necessary testing in a comprehensive but expedited manner. Our consultative approach throughout the entire test program ensures a great customer experience. Please contact us to talk about your EN 12895 testing needs and to receive a quote for your test program.