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EMC Directive

The EMC Directive is a mandatory requirement for almost every electronic device imported in the European Union. The purpose of the directive is to reduce the amount of side effects generated by electromagnetic interference (EMI). All electronic units impact each other with they are physically located near each other or directly interconnected. The EMC directive specifies all of the existing and future technologies for reducing the impact or disturbance by improving electromagnetic immunity.

The EMC Directive specifies the limits of electromagnetic emissions a unit can generate in order to ensure that it does not disturb other equipment such as radio and telecommunication. The EMC Directive also regulates the electromagnetic immunity of equipment to interference and seeks to ensure that this equipment is not disturbed by radio emissions, when used as intended.

The main objectives of the Directives are to govern the compatibility of equipment regarding EMC:

  • Devices needs to comply with EMC/EMI requirements when placed into service.
  • The implementation of good engineering practices to reduce non-compliance.

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