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Transportation Testing

This post is written to assist manufacturers and businesses in understanding the importance of transportation testing. 

As an ISTA and ISO 17025 certified lab, Keystone Compliance realizes the importance of transportation and simulation testing. Meeting transportation and package testing requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

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What is Transportation Testing?

Transportation testing is also known as package testing, transit simulation testing, distribution testing, or ship testing. This type of compliance testing is used to evaluate packages in the general distribution life cycle.

Why is Transportation Testing Important?

Package testing can reduce returns due to product damage; this ultimately helps save money in the long term. Companies work with package testing labs such as Keystone Compliance to be put at ease, knowing that all their package testing needs will be met under one roof.

Package testing methods can include anything from environmental changes to careless handling. When stresses result in product damage, consumers are left disappointed. This can result in returns and hassles for your company. Transportation testing is used for three main reasons: Reducing damage, achieving compliance, and lowering costs.

  1. Reduce damage and warranty claims: When using methods such as cold chain, temperature validation, and sterile barrier testing, Keystone Compliance assists with significantly reducing the number of boxes damaged during transportation. These test cycles can assist with determining warranty periods, warning stickers, and user instructions.
  2. Achieve certification standards: Vendors such as Amazon, TJX, and Costco require certifications with specific standards such as ISTA and ASTM. Our expert engineers are familiar with all standards including ASTM, ISTA, IEC, ISO, and TAPPI.
  3. Lowering shipping costs: When testing packages with transportation standards, manufacturers save money by creating smaller, lighter, and more durable packaging.  Simulation testing helps shorten package development time and increase confidence in product launches.

Transportation Sustainability Testing Industries

Package testing can be found in numerous industries. Package integrity testing needs vary between each industry due to the distribution channel and the product itself. Major industries include:

Consumer Products:

The consumer products industry includes all the products that consumers purchase in stores. Before these products hit the shelves, they must pass through distribution channels that put stress on the product and its packaging.

Below are some of the standards that consumer products are often tested to.


As the eCommerce industry continues to grow, so do the costs associated with selling online. Companies are often subject to chargebacks and prep fees. 

Keystone’s has a large lab of test equipment and an extensive focus on customer service. This makes us the go-to test lab for E-commerce and all package testing needs.

Keystone complies with Ecommerce standards such as:

Medical Devices:

Medical devices are often expensive and fragile. It is important that medical devices reach their destination safely. In many cases, the medical devices are sterile.

Keystone can help ensure the medical devices reach their destination to provide the lifesaving purposes for which they were designed.

Common medical standards:


Effective packaging of automotive parts should provide efficient and ergonomically acceptable manual and/or mechanical handling. 

Keystone Compliance continuously partners with hundreds of automotive manufacturers yearly to achieve expert ISO 17025 package testing certifications. 

Keystone can accommodate standards such as:

Common Types of Transportation Testing Standards

Different types of testing will ensure that the packaged product can handle real-world environments. Damages to product and packaging during distribution result in costly replacement fees. With the proper testing and certification, many of those costs can be significantly reduced or omitted altogether.

During transportation conformance testing, packages must successfully navigate conditions such as:

Expert Transportation Package Integrity Testing

Keystone has a full lab of test equipment which permits us to provide short lead times on scheduling. Our team strives to give our customers more time and energy on product development instead of testing. We can accommodate flexible and rigid packages of all sizes, including large pallets. 

 Contact us to learn first-hand why so many companies partner with Keystone to achieve their transportation package testing certification needs. Request a quote to receive testing services customized to your specific needs.