Tony Masone Keystone Compliance

Keystone Compliance is owned by Tony and Rhonda Masone, who have extensive EMC/EMI and regulatory compliance backgrounds.

Tony Masone

Tony Masone is the President of Keystone Compliance, LLC, having been involved in the compliance testing industry since 1990. Tony’s career started at a major aircraft manufacturer in the Midwest. He then managed EMC labs in Boston and Los Angeles before starting Keystone Compliance. Being a New Castle native, Tony understood the geographical benefits New Castle offers, being strategically located between Pittsburgh, Cleveland, New York and Chicago.

Tony has extensive EMC/EMI testing experience and is one of a select number of engineers who can perform lightning tests. Tony also has experience with LED lighting, having written the specifications for the City of Los Angeles’ Caltrans LEDOT LED Signal spec 92-088-05 lighting specifications for the City of Los Angeles conversion from incandescent to LED. Tony has also been published in a number of engineering trade magazines.

Rhonda Masone

Rhonda Masone is the Vice President of Keystone Compliance and is responsible for overseeing the sales, administration and back office functions of the business. Rhonda has been involved in the compliance test lab industry since 1998. Her regulatory compliance career started as the EMI/EMC Office Manager at a laboratory in Los Angeles, working directly with the CEO, Director of Sales, and the Director of EMI/EMC. Rhonda has played a key role in the expansion of the Keystone Compliance business, overseeing the increase in infrastructure that has allowed the company to add environmental and product safety testing.